BootStatus  v.1.0

BootStatus is a software that keeps track of your startups. This little thing keeps a log with times when you rebooted the PC.

A Really Small App

A fun and free Really Small App showing Running Tasks, Current Startups, and CPU & Memory utilization graphs. A Really Small App also tells you if remote computers are connected to your PC. If you are part of a network and you share printers and


Disable Startup

Disable Startup is a free startup manager and monitoring program of, it can scan all Windows Startups on your computer, and monitor all new startup items, provide protecting for Windows Startup from changes.

System Explorer  v.

Detailed informations about Processes, Startups, Explorer, IE Addons, Uninstallers, Windows, Services, Drivers, Connections and Opened Files. Action History for monitoring processes activities. Making of Registry & Files snapshots for easy comparing

Bookmaker Software by BOOKIE Software  v.3.01 Bookmaker Software is an innovative and affordable EPOS, the ideal system for large betting shop networks with high bet frequency as well as for startups with a single branch.

System Explorer Portable  v.3.9

System Explorer Portable keep your system under control. System Explorer Portable will display detailed informations about Tasks, Processes, Startups, IE Addons, Uninstallers, Windows, Services, Drivers, Connections and Opened Files. This way,

TechCrunch  v.

Group-edited blog about technology start-ups, particularly the Web 2.0 sector. The app covers the following topics: -Startups -Funding&Exits -Social -Mobile -Gadgets -Gaming -Enterprise -Green Tech The unofficial windows phone application gives you

Biz Advice  v.

Biz Advice brings the best of the business blogs for small businesses and start-ups. Get business advice from some of the best minds in the 'business'. Topics covered include: * Small Business * Marketing * Startups * Business Strategy and

CapitaList  v.

This App is submitted for the Apps for Entrepreneurs Challange. CapitaList allows Aspiring Startups to browse Federal Databases for Licenses, Awards, Grants,

Startup India  v.

Get to know abput all the upcoming Indian startups.

Creative Layers  v. is a online portal to share Creative Ideas and Resources for the Designers, Entrepreneurs, Startups and also solve their queries related to UI & UX Design. Founded in March 2012, is more than a design-news

Startup Info  v.

With the number of startups launching each and every day, it hard to keep up. Using the feeds at CrunchBase, along with news articles from both TechCrunch and ReadWriteWeb, Startup Info helps you keep up to date with the world of startups.

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